The Mobsters.

Let's be real.
The world doesn’t need another marketing agency.
So we are going to kill the competition.
In a sea of digital noise, we bring humanity to the surface.

Ivo Gomes
Founder & CEO

João Lemos
Co-Founder & CFO

The balance between reality and vision.
Begin with offering practical solutions that serve the client at the start, but envision together what else is possible along the way.
Your partners in hacking your customers perceptions.

Sara Alves
Account Manager & Copywriter

Rui Figueiredo
Digital Designer

Joana Vilar
Digital Designer

Ana Joana
Account Manager

Miguel Silva
Web Developer

Iago Froes
Motion Designer

Isabel Jesus
Paid Media Associate

José Alberto
Paid Media Intern

Isabel Côrte-Real
Junior Copywriter

Inês Pinto
Digital Designer

MOB Rules

We’re all in this together, be nice.

You might be having a hard day but It is an act of empathy to realize that other people might be having a hard time as well.

Being nice can be as easy as looking people in the eye, smiling when you talk to them, making a compliment or just asking how they are doing.

There is no good reason to be a d*ck, It doesn’t take much and it doesn’t cost anything

Be raw.

We must be as honest with ourselves and with others.
We must speak our truth to the world.

Unsh*t yourself

This old Portuguese saying is the only “Secret” you’ll ever need.

You do have the power to solve any problem that life throws at you but not by wishing and hoping for it.
It may take blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of YouTube videos and Google Searches.
Just don’t give yourself an exit, if you don’t give yourself an excuse you can do pretty much anything you want.

Nothing here is someone else’s problem.

Everyone is responsible for the end output.
Everyone has a role in it, but they’re also responsible for their teammates.

We want to make sure that people come together.
That they collaborate and that they bring their shared knowledge to create something that’s a lot better than they could create on their own.

Go the extra mile.

Let’s face it, I don’t know who your hero is but I’m certain he just didn’t do the necessary and ordinary things.
Go above and beyond, do yourself proud.

Life is short, enjoy it.

We are all going to die. Make the time you have count.
Do work that you love with people that you enjoy working with.

We are not for everyone, and that’s ok.

We don’t have to like everyone, everyone doesn’t have to like us, and it’s perfectly okay.
As you “drive people away,” you only get closer to your ideal people.