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With almost three decades of history and more than 20,000 graduated students, Universidade da Maia (ISMAI) is a reference of private higher education in the north of the country.

It is characterized by rigor and excellence, and has a highly qualified and diversified teaching staff, as well as unique facilities favorable to the practice of physical exercise and to the adoption of a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.


Listening and Understanding: We start by understanding our client’s needs and why they came to us. Listening is essential to respond in the best way.

Planning: Already immersed in UMAIA’’s reality and after building a solid strategy, we start planning the social media, in a process always collaborative with the internal agents of the institution itself.

We wanted to show all the educational offer and the quality of the facilities through communication that, although adapted to digital technology, did not adulterate the rigor that has always guided this educational institution.

Get Closer: With regular publications, we then try to attract and bring students and teachers closer, encouraging interaction in the digital environment to increase UMAIA’’s awareness and improve its positioning.

Measure: After aligning the strategy, it is critical to constantly read metrics and adjust them if necessary. Social media are living organisms and consequently need constant attention and management.

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